13 Creepy Lesser Known Facts About Jeepers Creepers Franchise – Explored

There was a severe drought in iconic horror villains after the likes of Freddy, Leatherface, and Jason who ruled through the 80s. Thus, the horror fans welcomed Jeepers Creepers with considerable excitement because it brought them a new antagonist worth fearing. This monstrous entity was a terrifying flesh-eating creature that went on a hunt for twenty-three days after every twenty-three years. The purpose of the hunt was to steal human organs from the slain victims, and it was a concept whacky enough to get invested in!
The director Victor Salva impressed everyone with this innovative horror flick, and the cast comprising the likes of Justin Long and Jonathan Breck did not disappoint. One of the best things about the movie is how it manages to retain the tension created throughout the narrative, and the random selection of the victims leaves the viewers clueless regarding the real purpose of the monster. However, discussions about the movie can be a subject for another day because today, we will take you through the path less traveled as we bring you the lesser-known facts about the movie that make it all the more fun to watch!



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