AFRICA’S Best BUSINESS CLASS: Ethiopian Airlines

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Today i’m flying Ethiopian Airlines Business Class onboard their Boeing Dreamliner. I’ll be reviewing my whole experience from the lounge offering, over to the hardware such as the seat, the food and even the bed. What’s more this is one of their most unique routings, departing Oslo, Norway however as I’m currently in Greece i’ll need to jump on a flight across Europe to pick up with this adventure.

Did you know that Ethiopian is one of the worlds largest airlines, the fourth in fact, and operate a diverse fleet of Boeing 777s, Airbus A350s and Boeing 787s. The backbone of their fleet, the 787 is what i’m flying today but they have two versions just to make things interesting. I’ll be putting forward the case in today’s trip report as to why I think this could be Africa’s best Business Class – taking into account the competition and route network of Ethiopian.

Thanks so much for watching, let me know what you think down below.



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