Envelope Marketing Franchise Opportunity

Did you know the advertising envelopes you receive in the mail are often run using the franchise model? We have a breaking franchise opportunity announcement in this sector- corporate resales available in key cities across the USA.

If you live in a major city chances are you have received these mass envelopes in the mail that have promotions in them ranging from windows, insulation, pizza, burgers and more. But chances are you did not know that the majority of these coupons are actually from businesses that use the franchise model, and has been for decades.

Once again franchising has been a great fit for another industry. How it works is the local franchisee purchases rights to the mailings in their territory, they then act as the consultant and expert liason to the local companies and co-ordinate the ads and the mailings and then receive money from every single envelope that gets sent out. This is an executive level position and the company does have earnings data available in their FDD for qualified candidates. So this is a good business for someone who is a great B2B networker, able to establish relationships, maybe a sales person who has always wanted to run their own business – Although we have recently seen other non -sales executives doing extremely well.
Now the big advantage of this model is the recurring revenue -once you build book of business there is a very high retention rate from companies staying on long term. if you look at these coupons in your own envelopes you probably see many of the same companies every single week, that’s because this kind of advertising works.

A common misconception when we speak with candidates about this opportunity is that mail is a dying format. And in many ways it is, but certainly not in marketing. IN fact direct mail is a billion dollar industry and comprises a large portion of local media ad spend. Direct mail response rates average over 5.1% which compared to digital initiatives is quite good. Now the argument also is that everyone is using Google to buy things – and you are absolutely right – they use Google once they know what they want – direct mail gets in front of people who have not even been thinking of your product. Also as you may have seen many coupons now have a lot of online redeemable codes and online interactivity. Now an interesting observation is that these coupons go mostly to affluent households because higher income households are twice as likely to redeem coupons over lower income households. People with money are often very frugal thats’s often how they got there.

Anyway cut to the chase – and this is hot off the press – due to a company restructuring a certain franchise is selling select corporately owned locations to qualified candidates who can step in and continue to build the territory. This is a highly ranked, award winning brand very well established in the industry. Now what is extremely appealing is these already operating territories are available for the same price as a new territory at $59,500. Anyone who has executive or B2B experience and has been looking for an opportunity this one is certainly worth a look especially in these resale markets. So again its a flexible lifestyle , operated from a home office, and basically networking with local business owners and coordinating these promotional mailers which involves relationship building and “pounding the old pavement” so you will need to have self discipline and motivation to take this business to the next level. The company has great training and support but you need to bring the requisite desire and motivation.

There are a limited number of cities that have these existing corporate locations including Houston, Dallas, Chicago, Raleigh NC and others, I’ll include the full list on the page and the link to the page is above. If your city is not listed for these resales but you are still interested in this business feel free to reach out anyway as there may be availability for a new territory. Lots more interesting opportunities coming up, and may more in our portfolio if you are looking for an opportunity give us a call. Like and subscribe and thank you for watching.




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