Franchise Webinar

The past couple of years have been rough, but if we’ve learned anything from COVID, it’s the need to diversify. A franchise can be an opportunity for more than just a business; it can be an opportunity to expand your existing business, to diversify with a proven method or to provide a new opportunity in which your children are interested and invested.

The UToledo Family Business Center has invited Tracy Rickman, Market President of FranNet and Jeff Williams, owner of Cookie Cutters, to discuss why franchising has worked for them.

Tracy invested in a franchise that helps others connect to right-fit franchises. Jeff invested in a franchise while owning and operating Bassett Nut Company. They will each tell their story: why they considered a franchise and how they’ve made it work for them. Tracy will also discuss:

How franchising works
Using a franchise to diversify your product offering or your income streams
Creating work/life balance
Why fit matters



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