Franchising in Asia 2015 – Book Trailer

Franchising in Asia 2015: Legal and Business Considerations, published by LexNoir Foundation, provides an overview of the franchise industry in Asia and addresses the typical legal issues confronted when expanding a franchise system overseas, and particularly in Asia. It highlights issues encountered when drafting international franchise agreements and also covers those local laws governing franchising in 15 jurisdictions— Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Nepal, Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan, Tajikistan, Thailand, and Vietnam as well as Hong Kong.

Several of the chapters are devoted to a particular country. In those chapters, an author, who is a legal expert in the designated jurisdiction, addresses the basic questions that a franchise lawyer would need to know to competently represent a client in expanding its franchise system to that country. Many of the responses provided are more broadly applicable to other types of cross-border agreements and transactions.

This is the first edition of the 300-page book and reflects the work of more than 25 experts in the field. It is also the second in a series of books on international franchising published by LexNoir Foundation. The first book in the series was Franchising in Africa: Legal and Business Considerations.

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