Franchising Short Term Rental Management w/ Harold Lubberdink

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Today I had the honor of speaking with Harold Lubberdink, CEO of Holiday.Rentals, a property management company with 1700 rentals out of Europe that currently covers: France, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Croatia, and Lugano.

In this episode, Harold shares his experience starting his short term rental management company back in 2006, his grassroots efforts of finding clients who did not even know that short term rentals were a thing, to scaling his business, building his own PMS, and eventually what led him to using a franchise model to scale his company.

0:00 – Episode Preview
0:59 – Episode Introduction
2:53 – Guest Introduction
6:53 – Pivoting from having a job to management
12:08 – How did you acquire all that contact information?
14:42 – At which point did it became a challenge for you to handle business operations?
19:27 – At around how many properties did you decided to quit your job?
21:33 – At what point did you decide to add in more services?
22:16 – Rather than using existing systems and software, why build your own PMS?
24:17 – What other capabilities do you have in comparison to other more publicly used management systems?
26:10 – Do you feel like building your own PMS is more challenging than using existing management services?
27:50 – Did spreading out your reach in real estate, entertainment, etc. came naturally?
29:36 – At which point did you decide to stop on other services and focus on management?
32:35 – What was your life and business like when you start on handling different services along with the management?
33:42 – Delegating specific tasks to a team
36:17 – At what point did you see some next level growth in your company?
37:15 – Scaling thru Franchise Model
41:52 – Creating teams for different services and a system for team synchrony?
48:39 – Why guests love the “Unprofessionality” of handling guest experience?
1:00:56 – Partnering with a Local Property Manager
1:07:37 – What would you differently if you have to start from scratch?
1:09:40 – What question would you ask to someone that is of higher level than you?
1:13:17 – What is the best way to contact you?

Show Notes


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