Gary Findley: Veteran franchisor rolls out Restoration 1

At age 55, veteran franchise developer Gary Findley asked himself what type of business he’d like to own next if he were to buy a franchise. He knew the right franchise for him would require no bricks and mortar, low investment, low overhead, it would produce high margins and it would be recession resistant. All that, plus the opportunity to buy out the franchisor, led Gary to Restoration 1, a franchise that he has since grown from 20 units to 135 units in record time. With Gary’s background, he knew that operational systems were key to building a good franchise network. After adding systems, he recruited executive-level franchisees with the desire to build a business, but not necessarily to work in the business. In mid-2017, the franchise is on track to reach 200 franchise locations and within 5 years 500 locations. And, by the way, Gary owns 4 locations personally.



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