How does good become truly great? | Good to great book review

In this video I wanted to share the tools and techniques that I have learn’t while reading the book good to great by Jim Collins. We look at level 5 leaders, who then what, confronting the facts but not losing faith, the hedgehog concept, culture of discipline, technology and spinning the flywheel.

Hello If you’re new to my videos my name is Richard Marrett and I’m an Industrial Designer. I create videos about running a design business, productivity and mindset. If you love design and productivity, you can subscribe for weekly videos.

00:00 Into
00:45 Level 5 leader
01:45 First who then what
02:46 Confronting the facts but not losing faith
04:02 The hedgehog concept
06:13 Culture of discipline
07:14 Technology
08:01 The flywheel
08:23 Outro




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