Is SmartSuite the Best Work Management Software for your business? (3 Features to Help You Decide)

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Is newcomer SmartSuite the best work management software for you? If you’re looking for a tool to organize your tasks, projects, and CRM — we recommend keeping your eye on SmartSuite.

In this #SmartSuiteChallenge video, we’re walking through what we consider SmartSuite’s top 3 features. Find out if SmartSuite is a good fit for your team’s needs!

Here’s what we’ll cover:
00:00 Which is the best work management platform for you?
00:30 “The Shortcut” for finding the best software for your business.
01:46 Feature Set #1: Permission & Documentation
03:57 Extended Permissions
04:36 Help Text & Solution Guides
07:43 Feature Set #2: Flexible Interface Customization
08:32 SmartSuite uses Records that can be defined by you
09:58 Use Sections and Page Layout to Customize inside a Record
11:42 Note: The flexibility helps with Ease of Use
13:17 Feature Set #3: Automations & Integrations Seem Like a Priority
16:23 Reminder: You can also use time to trigger automations!
18:09 Is SmartSuite good? And is it the best software for you?

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