On-demand Webinar | Services Costs are Rising Learn 5 Strategies to Survive

Link to download slides: https://www2.everestgrp.com/reportaction/12July22-Webinar/Toc

With inflation increasing costs and supply chain shortages persisting, CPOs face unprecedented challenges in assuring supply. While you are focusing on solving the immediate challenges of direct materials, you can easily be caught off guard by cost increases from indirect services.

Additionally, as labor rates skyrocket, sourcing teams need to be prepared to address service provider requests for price increases.

Join this on-demand webinar as our experts discuss the shifts in the services market, which segments are seeing the greatest pressure, and five steps sourcing teams can take to prepare for and manage the changing service cost landscape.

The webinar will explore:
– What factors are driving inflation in services costs?
– What price trends can we expect in outsourced services?
– What tactics are leading companies using to manage inflationary cost increases?
– Which of these trends will continue long term?



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