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Flying private has long been viewed as the apex of posh, an out-of-reach indulgence. But if you think social distancing at 35,000 feet requires access to your own personal G5, think again: A primer on private aviation with our preferred supplier, price points, & services available in the most Ultra of Lux!

Private aviation quote:
Private Aviation Itinerary – America’s National Parks by Private Jet:

There is a lot to learn when it comes to Luxury Travel – and then covid threw all that vetting and knowledge out the window. It can be hard for the busy working professional to find the time to stay up to date on the ins and outs. That’s where our exclusive vodcast episodes – aka VLOG episodes – come in. These travel videos help you nail down those travel hacks, discover your next bucket-list destination, or daydream about future trips.

In addition to providing helpful tips and advice, each Luxury travel vodcast will transport you away from your current reality to a world of Opulent Exploration. You’ll be lead by a lux travel expert who quit a twenty-year career on Wall Street to explore the world full-time and other inspiring individuals, who are breaking barriers and stereotypes when it comes to travel. Let’s see where your dreams take you. An Opulent Explorer Exclusive series | Private Aviation

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