Toshan Tamhane on Business, Problem Solving, Leadership and Success | Figuring Out Episode 66

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In this latest episode of Figuring Out Podcast we are in conversation with Toshan Tamhane, an avid adventurer who lives with 1 aim – “regret minimization – you only live once”.

He followed the conventional IIM-A to consulting path – spent 18+ years at McKinsey across 55+ countries, advising billionaires, making deals, and building businesses. Then, a bit bored and a bit reflective, I ventured into traditional corporate roles with a passion for investing, M&As, digital builds & sustainability.

Currently trying to make the full use of 24 hours every day, I also invest in start-ups (~30+ investments), teach in B-schools, serve as an active Board member, and write extensively.

Managing 2 kids (and my wife) is an adventure of a different order. To do this efficiently, he keeps himself fit by climbing mountains in Nepal & the Alps as well as practicing intense sports (kickboxing, bouldering, capoeira, running marathons).

Lastly, he tries to meet and learn from at least 1 person every week – that’s 52 intense conversations.

Will you be the next?

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LinkedIn: Toshan Tamhane

Twitter: @TamhaneToshan

0:00 Intro
02:29 How Steve Redgrave became 5x Olympic Champion
7:02 Toshan’s Sports role model
10:42 How important is attention to detail
15:09 What does Toshan Tamhane do
14:15 What exactly does a CSO do?
18:00 The most important skill for a CSO
18:16 What role does Raj have in his startup

20:25 How Steve Jobs vision led to Apple’s success
21:34 Alex Ferguson’s role in Manchester United’s Success
23:09 3 books every aspiring CEO should read
30:49 Do books help in real life?
32:04 3 best books that Raj has read
34:09 What does a CFO do?
40:34 What does a COO do?
43:04 Best books for CFO and COO
44:19 difference between Startups and Corporate
51:09 Why failed startups are important
53:09 Why a startup shouldn’t chase a big market
56:44 Should you follow trends or passion in Business?
58:44 Founder vs Market in a Business
1:02:29 Peter Thiel’s Unconventional School
1:03:29 How gut feeling can turn into a business
1:04:25 Most important functions of a startup
1:08:54 How to develop problem solving skills
1:20:19 Good vs Bad problem solvers
1:25:59 Why are their 2 Mafias in India
1:30:59 How can people get CEO skills?
1:36:04 Toshan’s top 3 learnings
1:41:19 Why and When do businesses need consulting
1:48:14 The right way to scale a business
1:55:44 Closing the loop

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