You Come Across A Business Opportunity, But How Do You Know It’s A Great One?

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Every now and again, opportunities will present themselves both in business and in life.

There are always a lot of opportunities for those who pay attention. But when it comes to your company, the defining word is “great.”

Great opportunities are what you should capitalize on. A great opportunity, in my book, is one where:

– You can measure its ROI

– It won’t take away from your core business

It might even enhance your core business. You should never have to stretch your people too thin for a fantastic opportunity; you should always have the liquidity to make things happen.

An owner I spoke to recently said her revenue slipped from $8.5MM down to $5MM.

Making matters worse, her staff are giving her a hard time about being held accountable for these slipping results.

Even with the turmoil she’s facing, she’s considering opening another location.

About 75 miles away from the primary location, the owner was hoping this would help her business get back on the right track.

I asked her, “Your revenue is going backward, your people are not performing on a timeline nor are they held accountable, and you want to add more insanity to the mix?”

Don’t get me wrong, an opportunity to expand any business is fantastic.

But before capitalizing on opportunities, you should be able to shore up your ship where you are and make sure you’re in a good place.

Opportunities are like buses; they come and go regularly, but only one or two of them will take you in the right direction.

Don’t bite off more than you can chew!

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Straight Talk with Lou Mosca (01, 03, 2022)

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